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When planning for a roof replacement of your home, homeowners are faced with the decision of which material to choose. There are many choices out there so why is it that slate continues to be such a wise choice and a good investment. Slate has been used for centuries on the roofs of churches, houses and many other types of buildings so would it be wise to choose it for your home?


What is slate?

Slate is a fine-grained, homogenous, foliated metamorphic rock. It is derived from a shale-type rock made of volcanic ash or clay.


Why use slate on a new roof?

There are loads of reasons to consider using slate when you re-roof your home. From its long lifespan to its gorgeous natural appearance, here are our top 5 reasons to choose slate for your new roof.

  1. Slate is long lasting
    Slate is essentially a rock derived from volcanic ash, through low- grade regional metamorphism. Therefore this is a naturally occurring rock, and has been around for millions of years. These rocks have already stood the test of time and their amazing lifespan is living proof of that. They are able to stay intact for hundreds of years, with very little or no maintenance necessary. It is safe to assume that you will get anywhere from 75 to 100 years from your slate roof.
  2. Slate is durable
    Slate roofs are extremely durable. In fact, when they are properly cared for, they will often outlast the buildings they are on. It is not unheard of for a slate roof to stay intact for more than 150 years when it is well taken care of.
  3. Beautiful natural appearance
    One of the biggest advantages of installing a slate roof on your house is the appearance. These roof tiles are made of natural stone. They have a naturally cleft surface with a wide range of gorgeous color variation all across the surface of the roof.
  4. Slate is environmentally friendly
    In addition to their naturally appealing appearance and their durability, slate roofs are also very kind to the environment. Since the tiles are made from natural stones, they do not give off VOCs or other forms of pollutants throughout the manufacturing process.
  5. Slate roofs are cost effective
    While the slate roof might appear to be more expensive at first glance, overtime it works out far cheaper than, say, tiles. The upfront cost is a bit more, but the roof, being as durable as it is, will end up paying for itself several times over, giving buyers more value for their money. You will also find that your ongoing roof maintenance costs will be much lower as if installed professionally you should not need any repairs for a long long time.

Why choose Evana Roofing

It is very important to choose wisely when selecting the right company to install your slate roof. Cheaper is definitely not best as corners will be cut to make the savings. Many roofers do not have the experience required or had the correct training to install slate roofs. Therefore it is important to choose qualified contractors.
Evana has over 30 years of experience in the roofing trade. All of our roofers are trained and certified; and all our new roofs come with a 10-year insurance backed guarantee from the Confederation of Roofing Contractors, giving you peace of mind. Contact Evana Today.


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