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Do you have old roof windows that need replacing or are you extending your home and thinking of adding new Velux windows?

Here’s our top 5 reasons to choose Velux Roof Windows.

1. More Daylight
Velux windows provide more sunlight into the home, meaning more vitamin D for your family. The frame is narrow which makes the glazing bigger, giving you more light in your life.

2. More Space
Live in a small home? Velux Windows make rooms appear bigger than they are.

3. More Fresh Air
Velux offers excellent ventilation properties that can allow your room to breathe.

4. Save Money
Velux Windows can save you money on energy bills. New Velux windows offer excellent insulation ensuring the heat stays in and the cold stays out.

5. Its Easy
Evana Roofing & Building offers an affordable Velux Window fitting services across Glasgow and the West of Scotland. We are highly experienced in the fitting of roof windows and will help you choose the best Velux roof windows for your needs.