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Early warning signs that your roof needs repaired

A roof is not something that you think about everyday but as soon as your roof causes you a problem you will be desperate to find a lasting fix.

There are ways to ensure that your roof is in a healthy condition before it gets to the point of being an emergency fix. Emergency roof repairs are often more expensive than preventing the problem occurring in the first place.


You should assess the condition of your roof at least twice a year.

Things to check inside your roof:

Places where your roof deck is sagging

  • If you notice any signs of sagging or general deterioration in the structure of the roof, act fast. This can deteriorate very quickly and the sooner you act, the better.

Signs of water damage or leaking

  • Dampness? Mould? These can be signs of a bigger problem within your roof and need to be seen to as soon as possible. There are quick fixes for dampness but these are short term solutions and will not help your property in the long-term

Dark spots or trails

  • If there are any dark spots or trails on the inside of your roof that seem out of the ordinary, ensure that these are seen to as soon as possible by a reputable roofer as they can quickly spread!

Outside light shining through

  • This should go without saying but if there is any light shining through your roof from the outside, this must be treated immediately and treated as an emergency roof repair because one night of bad weather could cause a huge headache for you!


What to check for on the outside of your roof:

Cracked, torn, bald or missing roof shingles

  • This is a problem that just gets worse, the longer it’s left and because of this, it’s imperative that you do bi-annual roof checks for these issues

Scan for loose materials around chimneys, pipes or other penetrations

  • Any loose materials are an indicator of a bigger problem on your roof and getting to the source of the issue can help you ensure that the issue is resolved and can’t get worse

Signs of moisture or mould

  • Assuming you haven’t been experiencing typical Glasgow weather, dampness or mould on an otherwise dry roof is a big problem and should only be treated by a professional roofing company

Examine the drainage

  • Does anything about the gutters seem different? Ensure that they are securely attached to avoid any leaking or flooding issues


How can Evana Roofing help?

Evana Roofing will help you keep your property safe, watertight and protected from the weather. We offer a range of roofing services to homeowners in Glasgow and the West of Scotland. For a free roof estimate or free advice get in touch today. 

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