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Roofs can be fixed and replaced all year round.

No need to wait for better weather!!

The professionals at  Evana Roofing & Building are ready and able to work throughout Glasgow and Central Scotland in all weathers. Summer sun to winter sleet, we can address any project or emergency to ensure you stay dry.  Frost or Snow, home or commercial, we can strip your roof of its old tiles and replace them with solid-long lasting new ones.  But what’s all this talk about dreary winter weather?  You may not have noticed (and shame on you if you haven’t), but we get many bright, sunny and dry days during the winter months. Often these conditions are perfect for carrying out work on your roof. 

Having a weathertight roof is imperative for your building to remain structurally sound.  Water inside the building can lead to all sorts of more serious problems such as dry rot and mould.  Its best to act fast and not put off repairing or replacing your roof as the problem will only get worse.

All our new roofs are guaranteed for 10 years.

Have a leak?  Let the professionals at Evana Roofing & Building fix that for you.  Many people don’t realise that the leak appearing inside your house or business may not be where the dodgy part of the roof is located.  This feature of roof leaks has caused consternation among many and it takes a well trained and experienced eye to get to the root of the problem. 

Not everyone is an expert on roofing and that often leads to some concern when contracting a job.  Refer to our blog for lots of ideas on roof care and our services.  We even have an articles on how to determine the state of your roof and also what you need to consider when choosing a contractor.  Take a look, this is our expertise just waiting for you.

When weather is inclement, we keep the inside of your building, and you, dry and protected.  During heavy rains we modify our process to strip down your roof roughly one metre at a time.  This technique serves to leave the existing roof in place to cover the rest of the roof. We have been replacing and repairing roofs throughout Scotland for over 30 years, read what our customers have to say about us in our testimonials.

Are you concerned about safety?  With people scrambling all over the roof in all kind of weather who wouldn’t be?  You will be happy to know that we make safety a top priority.  Health and Safety is of paramount importance to us, and we prefer to be slow and steady as opposed to be fast and in mid-air.  We are highly trained in health and safety and therefore well aware of how to adapt to changing weather conditions and never take any dangerous risks.

No need to hold off until spring to make those repairs.  Call Evana Roofing & Building today and we will be happy to provide you a free estimate.  We have financing available and can cover you no matter what your needs.

Evana Roofing & Building 0141 641 2395, give us a call today we would love to hear from you, or fill in our online form and we’ll get right back to you. 

"Quote reasonable, work carried out within a few days and on schedule (despite the bad weather).

Good advice given on choice of materials and structure of flat roof (Firestone EPDM). Workmen tidy and friendly.

Work carried out to an excellent standard and guaranteed for 20 years. Would not hesitate to use them again."

Rated 10/10 on Checkatrade

Customer, Newton Mearns, Glasgow