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Living in Scotland means our winters can be harsh causing damage to your house roof and the exterior of your property.  We also don’t usually spend much time outside maintaining our homes during the cold and dark winter months.

Now that the weather is brighter and the evenings longer it is the ideal time to check your home and roof to ensure everything is in order and ready to withstand April showers and the heat of the summer months.

How to check your roof

All exterior areas of the home should be checked periodically, whatever the weather but an area that requires special attention following a winter is the roof.

Make sure that you look for:

Ceiling stains: 

Any stains on your ceiling could indicate that your roof system needs to be repaired or replaced. If localised, it may be an isolated area of damage or flashing leak. Ceiling stains are also associated with excessive attic moisture and icy conditions which could require additional attic ventilation or insulation to prevent recurrence. If lower level ceilings are stained, a plumbing leak may be the cause.

Loose or missing shingles:

If you’ve discovered any loose or missing shingles, these must be seen to immediately to prevent further damage to the home.

Loose, lifted or cracked flashing:

This is the metal or other type membrane found at the base of common chimneys and roof penetrations. Damaged flashing must be repaired to prevent leakage.

Lifted or curled shingles:

Shingles in these conditions are indications that the roof is worn and near or at the end of its service life. If it’s a small isolated area, spot replacement may be available but if it appears to be widespread, it must be seen to imminently.

Heavy granules build-up in gutter or at base of downspouts:

The granules on roof shingles gradually wear away to the point where the underlying material is exposed and often across large areas. Once this happens, the rate of deterioration accelerates. If it’s excessive, it could indicate ageing shingles that need to be replaced.


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