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The weather is getting chillier and before you know it there could be a foot of snow on your roof. Living in Scotland means we often get lots of snow and ice during winter, so our professional advice would be to act now and make sure your roof is ready for winter.

Here are five things to do to prepare your roof for winter


1. Clear out gutters and drains

It is time to get out the ladder, climb on top of your roof and give it a good going over. Check the drains and gutters to make sure that leaves or debris are not clogging them. One way to clean the drains out is to use a pressure hose and wash them clean. Do the same for the downspouts, make sure everything is clean and water will flow off the roof when it rains. If the gutters require hand cleaning wear gloves to protect your hands from sharp objects. Many people are not able or confident to climb up a high ladder to do this job, if that’s you then contact a professional roofing company for a quote to clean out your gutters for you.


2. Inspect your roof and make sure it is clean

Before winter there is autumn when the leaves fall off trees, then the wind blows those dead leaves and other debris onto your roof. Sweep away any dirt and debris that has collected on the shingles. Take a close look and check for moss that has grown on the roof. Moss grows well in damp climates and can cause considerable damage to the shingles. Once your roof is nice and clean check the flashing, down pipes and chimney to ensure that all the seals are still intact. Carefully inspect the shingles to see if any are damaged and need replacing.


3. Check your attic and insulation

Now that you are satisfied your external roof is ready for cold weather it is time to get into the attic and inspect the insulation. If the insulation shows any signs of deterioration, or it appears to be mouldy or show signs it has been wet, it should be replaced. Inefficient insulation can lead to ice damage to the roof. Ice dams form when the high portion of the roof is above 32 degrees F. The low part, along the eaves is lower than 32 F. The upper ice melts, flows down to the lower part of the roof where water is frozen. Water backs up, can’t get into the gutters. Major roof damage is caused which will be expensive to repair.


4. Trim tree branches around your house

Trees growing next to one’s home can cause a lot of damage. Tree branches overhang and touch the roof can cause considerable damage to the shingles. Strong winds or branches laden with heavy snow can break from the tree and fall on the roof. Can results in damage to the structure of the attic or upper frame of the house. Tree branches should be trimmed away that face the house, any tree that is diseased or dead should be removed.


5. Get a professional roof inspection

Not many people are able to carry out a proper inspection of their house roof. Luckily help is at hand and most professional roofing companies will be happy to perform an inspection of your roof and advise you of any potential risks or damage that needs repaired. Catching any roof damage early is much less costly then ignoring it and letting it get worse, resulting in a larger repair or needing a new roof.


Evana Roofing and Building based in Glasgow would be delighted to carry out a pre-winter roof inspection and provide you with a free no obligation quote if work needs done. Get in touch today on 0141 641 2395.