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A leaky flat roof does not only give headaches to homeowners because it can cause water stains and threaten further structural damage, but also because it poses more serious risks to health. Over time, a leaking roof encourages mold and mildew growth which in turn can lead to serious health problems.

Why Putting off Flat Roof Repairs Is Such a Bad Idea

A leaking roof can develop due to a variety of reasons such as improper roof installation, lack of maintenance or the result of storm or wind damage.

Most of the time, homeowners either procrastinate or put off flat roof repairs thinking it’s only minimal or that they’re trying to save money.

However, a leaking roof is one of the household problems which a homeowner cannot simply put off. For the most part, once the leaking starts, the problem can only get worse. As the problem progresses, it can cause more damages, destroy insulation and compromise your roof framing integrity which can all lead to more costly repairs.

Top Five Tips to Prevent Flat Roof Leaks

Although flat roofs offer benefits when it comes to energy efficiency and especially in terms of aesthetics, they are prone to installation problems which can often lead to leaks.

While putting off leaking roof repairs is a bad idea, here are five ways you can avoid dealing with costly leaky flat roof repairs:

Clean your roof regularly and check for potential signs of damage.
Debris such as a rogue tree or leaves can cause water to pool in and lead to roof damages. Hence, your roof requires regular sweeping and clearing of debris. Once you notice signs of damage while cleaning your roof, you might as well consider replacing them where possible. Replacement can be cheaper than repair in the long run.
Ensure sturdy and good roof design.
To prevent flat roof leaks, the roof must be properly designed in the first place. Despite its confusing name, flat roofs aren’t meant to be completely flat. They must be sloped enough to keep water from pooling in.
Choose a trusted professional roofing company.
As mentioned, flat roofs are vulnerable to poor installation. That’s why it is important to choose installers who are trained and certified in your chosen roof covering.
Act fast at first sign that you have a leak to minimise damage.
Never neglect any signs of leakage. Be sure to address them immediately to avoid running into more problems later on.

Ensure you have the correct roof covering.
Having the correct roof covering is crucial if you want to improve the life span of your roofing. Be sure to consider the right size, location and local weather.

One of the main causes of flat roof failure is poor workmanship. As such, it is important that you ensure you choose a certified roofing company that offers insurance backed guarantees.

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