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As a landlord or letting agent, there are many boxes that must be ticked before signing contracts with new tenants. Everything from the electrical wiring to any wear and tear that may have occurred with previous tenants. Throughout your inspections, it is vital that you ensure that your roof is fully protected and not suffering from any deterioration issues.

At Evana Roofing Glasgow, we can offer services to letting agents and landlords. We provide roofing solutions for your properties and can work with you to ensure that your property is fully protected.

Roofers For letting Agencies and Landlords

At Evana Roofing , we offer roofing services to landlords and letting agencies. These include roof surveys and maintenance contracts throughout Glasgow and the West of Scotland. We can offer regular inspections as part of our maintenance package and advise you if there’s been any issues since our last inspection.

We understand that it’s not always convenient for landlords and letting agents to be in the area whilst Evana Roofing are working and this is why we offer comprehensive surveys. We conduct surveys of your roof and associated roofline products. Our detailed surveys include recommendations based on what we’ve found and can provide photographs if necessary if you require further clarification on why the recommendations have been made. Our inspections can be done whenever suits you but we do recommend that they are completed at least annually.

Emergency Repairs or Roof Maintenance Contracts

Evana Roofing can offer a callout services for urgent roofing repairs. These can occur due to extensive weather damage or vandalism. Regardless of the size, Evana Roofing can offer a high quality service. Our emergency roof repairs call out service ensures that a repair is made to protect the building, it’s contents and your tenants from further obstruction.

Letting agents and landlords are all too aware of the toll poor weather conditions can have on the quality and longevity of a roof. What is sometimes not so clear is the extent of the damage, especially over an extended period of time.

Without regular inspections and minor repairs, the roof will be in a state of continuous disintegration. This disintegration would inevitably lead to more repairs and disruption to tenants.

Roofing Maintenance Contracts

Evana Roofing employees are trained and can provide documentation to prove they are competent, safe and that all certifications are up to date. This will give you, our customer, peace of mind knowing that you have a professional company working for you with the right skilled people working for you. We are experienced in all kinds of roofing work from large corporate contracts to simple domestic roofing repairs.

Evana Roofing has been awarded several accreditation including Safe Contractor and Constructionline.
If you’re a landlord or letting agency looking for roofing services, please get in touch.